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Basic Stats:

Eyes/Hair: Various. Hair Choices:Brown/Blond/BrightRed
Eyes:Brown,Blue.Green available w/advance
notice. OEM: Brown/Brown. One gray hair
underneath it all so far (see photos)

Age: 40, as of Jan 6, 2002..Still time to wish me
a belated happy birthday!

Origin: Native Dallasite, current suburbanite.

Progeny: 1 swf19, currently mid-launch. Not at
home much anymore, but I surely miss 'er. This
fact probably helps account for this "ad".
Tired of going to Starbucks, movies & rattling
around the house alone.

Religious: Protestant Christian of gentle persuasion.

Height: Short/can wear High Heels on request

Weight: Fluctuates w/Mood: Usually
"Average".Sometimes "Athletic". Sometimes a
"few pounds too many" (see photos)

Other: I am without guile. Write & ask. I will
tell the most random strangers deep family
secrets with little or no provocation. Though
I know that intellectually truth does NOT
always justify its own existence, as a
practical matter, I stll behave as though it

A well-meaning person recently told me I have a bit of a "pell-mell" attitude and I suppose this page is a sterling example as such. This tendancy towards such noisy enthusiasm has earned me awards and dismay, chairmanships and enemies, intrigue and horror. Don't know if I can curb this aspect of myself but I do apologize for it in advance.

July 31, 2002
Trying to improve my reception...

August 18, 2002

What's New?

True Newbie at the whole "page" business (as if you couldn't tell...). A more PC savvy person than I recently told me that Personal Pages are by their very nature an exercise in conceit: since one is glorifying oneself, it is a difficult task indeed for the modest among us. I shall have to buy them a flower for that warning. Or a coffee. Or a hair shirt.