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More than You ever Wanted to know and things You would Never have thought to Ask:

Aspectus of Lauraism:

I am a single mother of an 19-year-old girl, who graduated from High School with honors, is now attending college and aspires to be a teacher (art, hopefully). My mother is a teacher (second grade, retired now), and I wanted to be a teacher early in college but wound up being a CPA like my grandfather, 2 uncles and my brother. Lest you think this demonstrates a certain lack of originality in the family, I can reassure you that my sister is the Howard Garrett of Houston and proves that somewhere, at least genetically, we are capable of original action.

I was a typical SuperMom when times seemed to call for it, coached the soccer team, Girl Scout troop leader, and publicity & fundraiser chairs for PTA, and gave wonderfully imaginative birthday parties for 30 kids at a time. Meanwhile, I was on several Boards of Directors and led committees effectively enough to win chairperson of the year. I say all this NOT to brag but to explain that I suffered a sudden and serious case of burnout when I realized my priorities were misplaced - that in exchange for wooden plaques, apple shaped lapel pins and engraved pen sets, I was foregoing the most interesting thing in my life, that being my daughter. So, I pretty much gave it all up, except for a brief stint on the CPA softball team where I earned the memorable nickname "Last-Out" pretty quickly. Now, though, she is 19, capable, has good pals, is responsible and needs and deserves social time alone with her friends. And so I now need to redefine my life, and where I want to fit, again.

I am a lifelong Episcopalian, used to be quite involved with the daughter in choir, I taught Sunday school, and was treasurer and on the vestry. Unfortunately, my stint on the vestry left me a little disillusioned about the political and secular nature of behind the scenes and (rationalization alert!) my attendance has fallen off. In the time in-between, I tried a Bible Church with some friends but always came away from their slick productions feeling as though I had been to a movie or something, rather than uplifted as a proper Episcopalian service can do.  But, on a personal daily basis, I read, appreciate, try to understand and embody the insights and teachings of the 14th Dali Lama of Tibet.

CPA n da house
April 2002

Facts about me: I usually wear dresses/suits at work, usually don't wear makeup. I dread tax season every year. I always cry at the end of Homeward Bound, when the old dog limps over the hill. Tell my daughter I love her, every day. Think Dr. Laura is so manner less & rude that even if she's right she's wrong. Appreciate mockingbirds that sing in the night, the architecture of a passionflower. Get a kick out of Iron Chef. Love my mama, miss my granny. Believe most people are inherently good. Can be a little gullible. Love roller coasters, bungee jumped (Six Flags Sky Coaster) on my 40th birthday. Compassionate, kind and honest to a fault. Believe Jimmy Carter is a great man for his intelligence, initiative, and social responsibility, not for political reasons. I value intelligence without pretension or pride. I'm independent but not terribly ambitious or acquisitive. Don't eat meat during Lent. Priorities: in the end, our only real assets are family and friends. My radio station presets are 92.5, 93.3, 98.7,99.5,96.3,102.9 and 103.7. I'm quite short (5"1'). Don't believe Bill Gates is a monopolist, but rather a shrewd businessman not content to rest on his laurels. Learned the chicken dance at my great aunts 90th bday Polka Party in Ennis in Sept. Never have had a martini. But I have been to the Margarita Ball. Not terribly fancy-prefer Target over Neimans. Like iceberg lettuce better than wild field greens. I guess I'm pretty smart but modest enough to pass it off as a good memory.

I have a typical suburban life in Richardson - lived there all my life, except for circa 1986-1989 when I lived in east Dallas (the bohemian years...). Between the house, yards, dogs, cats, cars & pool - there is always something that needs to be done. I guess that as much as anything provides an excuse for my inertia - although I have a running joke with a friend that when I get around to armourall-ing my car, I'm getting pretty low on my list of things to do.

I have been many things over the years-cool, square, cute, plain, mommy, party girl, size 3, size 13, brunette, blond, blue- eyed, brown-eyed, Deep Ellum intelligentsia, couch potato, volunteer of the year, book devouring hermit. Despite, or perhaps because of my evolutions, I have not found Mr Right. Kinder friends say it is because I won't settle. I usually go by my Mama's Maxim: Better to be alone than with the wrong person. Don't really know what I'll be next year but I am always sweet, kind, honest, ethical, well-meaning, graceful, sincere, and good-hearted but right now I am also BORED! with my life. I have spent the majority of my adult life independent but not wealthy, passionate but celibate, capable but not living up to my potential.

I want to look in someone's eyes and think/hear-"oh, so this is what it's all about", or "yeah, this is what I've been looking for all these years"..." or, "maybe this is why it happened that way before".. A reason for the present, an excuse for the past...we are only beautiful when somone thinks we are-otherwise we are just another tree in the forest. And, maybe it will happen, or maybe it won't. But, I still have hopes, and, pretty good ones too...it dosen't take much to make us beautiful, and, I don't know even that it comes from ourselves....


Here's a list of some of my favorite Things:

-"Inaction may seem like the perfect escape, but it is just another decision with its own set of consequences."  (AOL Horoscope 11/24/02)
-"Love is largely the art of persistence." (Albert Ellis)
-"Out of chaos comes opportunity" (Fox Sports Commentator 8/5/02)
-"Surrender can be an act of will in the purest form" (AOL Horoscope-    Capricorn 10/10/2002)

-"Happiness is not getting what you want but wanting what you get." (old saying)

-"The Grace of God is a constant breeze through our lives..you only have to set your sails to catch it".(Swami)

-"Have nothing in your life you do not believe to be beautiful or find to be useful".

-"The only failure is in not trying".

-"Every Good Boy Does Fine" (piano lesson scale pnuemonic device)

Books & Authors:

-For Sheer Beauty of Prose: Barbara Kingsolver

-For Insight into Human Nature well written: Nevada Barr
-For Philosophy in a Nutshell: Horton Hears a Who: Dr Seuss

-For All Night Page Turners/Inspired Plots:Early Stephen King

-For Important Advice and Perspective: Holy Bible, KJV

-Effective Guidelines for Living: Charles Swindoll

-Recent Discovery: Still thinking.

Movies I like to watch more than once:

-The Game

- Dirty Dancing

-The Big Chill

-Old Musicals with Happy Endings

-Young Frankenstien


-Little Shop of Horrors..

uummm-haven't seen too many since my daughter could get into R-rated alone but I'm sure that there are many undiscovered favorites among them. Too, I am sure there are many I am forgetting and will add later but I do like those above.

Tunez I Dig:

Enrique Igleisas:Hero

Guns & Roses:Patience....

Willy Nelson:Angel Flying too Close to the Ground....

Pink Floyd-Wish You Were Here,Pigs on the Wing 1 & 2....

How Great Thou Art....

B52s:Love Shack....

John Cougar Mellancamp-Hurt So Good
Oh Holy Night.....

Van Morrisson:Tupelo Honey....

Sarah Evans:I Could not Ask for More....

Louis Armstrong:Kiss to Build a Dream on....

George Jones:Corvette Song

Don Henley:(Several)

David Allen Coe:You Never Even Called Me By My Name

Harry Carey: Take Me Out to the Ballpark

Foundations: Buttercup

Three Dog Knight: Joy to the World

Badfinger: Baby Blue

Sarah McLachlan:Aida

Josh Joplin: Camera One

Led Zepplin (several but what the heck do they mean
by "bustle in a hedgerow??")

Oasis: Champagne Supernova

LeeAnn Rimes-One Way Ticket

More..canna think o' them all right now...

Groups in General I like alot of


John Mellancamp:

Bruce Springsteen:

Counting Crows:

Bob Dylan:

Elton John

More, more, more

& again, many many more...