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Lu & Whitney


Lindsay, a.k.a. LuLu, is my 19 yr old daughter and Aaron WAS her first and longtime bf. Now, however, she is Shawn's chica, because time moves on at TWENTY.    Anyhow, If I could have gone to Kidmart 18 years ago and personally picked out some kids to share my life, these three would be them. Good kids, fun kids, polite kids, smart kids. They don't mind me tagging along sometimes on a slow night and they praise my cooking.     I love 'em all.

Lu USED TO work at a coolio store that sells massage oil, yogabooks, incense and other new age stuff. She also does some of my housework and all of my mother's housework (for modest fees, of course..), takes 15 hours of college credit at Richland and is the best cousin that Rosie, Tillie & Josh could ever have. She loves her family and we love her right back.
Shawn is a talented guitar player, college student and works at the mall with  Lulu.  For  fun, sometimes they go to other malls!     Mall rats??   Nah.  Shawn was one of the gentlest people you could find, initially,  but he's gotten over it.   Lately, he's developed a fiesty edge that makes him much more entertaining and hard to tease.  Still, one of his notable attributes I most admire is his longstanding and fierce appreciation of, love for and loyalty to Lulu.   We should all be so  dam  lucky.  Sorry no pics yet, Lu is a bit SELFISH with them. Check the  interior roof   of her car for updates!
Aaron is highly intelligent for his age but can be a bit clueless about girls. That gave Shawn a distinct advantage when the going got tough after L & A got an apartment, as it often does when two people try to merge their lives and live together.  The daily grind of compromise and negotiation  got   to Lu &  Aaron, but Lu & Shawn seem fairly impervious   to it.  Still, I have a genuine affection for Aaron that was  not conditional on his status  with Lu.   He can keep a fine conversation on most any subject due to his inquisitive nature. By the time he is 39, he will be either a disaster or a gem. 


Lu has  alot  of female friends too, as evidenced by the photos. SOmetimes it's just gotta be girl's time out....  

Though they are socially pretty independent, they do go out to dinner with me, ask me to movies, etc.  and travel with me as well.   

Hi Lu, Hi Shawn, you too, Aaron-! Wear your Seatbelts!!! Love Ya!!!

Pix 1-10: Aquarium in Galveston (7/01). Senior Prom(5/01). Mercado (11/01). Benihana's in Las Vegas(4/01). Dance Karoke at Dave & Buster's (8/01). Riverwalk (11/01). Toys R Us on annual tax day blowout (4/15/2001).Iron Claw at Seaworld(11/01). Minature Golf (7/01). State Fair (10/01)


Lindsay, a.k.a. LuLu, is my 18 yr old daughter and Aaron is her longtime bf.  If  I could have gone to Kidmart 18 years ago and personally picked out a daughter and son to share my life, these two would be them. Good kids, fun kids, polite kids, smart kids.











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Lu & Ronnie










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