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Hopes Goals Dreams Wishes


I am Theory Girl. I am the List Queen. For years my favorite lists have been

1. If I had Extra Time
2. If I had Extra Money

Clearly, this allows one to fantasize. I have heard, and have come to believe, that dreams of winning the lottery or early retirement, while usually patently remote, serve as a useful focal point for our priorities. So: you would give to charity, travel the world, buy a Hummvee, _______(fill in your fantasy)? These can all be done on a realistic, albeit often smaller scale in real life if planned and carefully accomodated, if such dreams are cherished enough.

What I want to be when I grow up:

My bizarre and unrealistic thought is that in 3 or so years, when Lu is out of college & on her own entirely, give her the suburb life and move to Poetry, Texas, raise goats and develop boutique goat cheeses for a small craftsman style restaurant located on the farm to market road where I've developed a menu showcasing my cheeses and a small giftshop with tasteful inventory. And win Culinary plaudits all around from salivating local food critics....

Or, be a freelance Magazine Article Writer

Or be a rock star.


What I want for Christmas:

Working Dishwasher
Chanel #5
Tx Mountain Laurel or Possumhaw Holly Plant
Cheap Gas Grill
Black short socks
Microwave w/variable power levels
Cheap Kmart Tool Kit
1/2 Price Books Gift Certificate
Music Box from Victorian Trader Catalog
Caller ID unit

Do Not Even Think of Getting Me:

Jewelry ( I lose it)

Do I want More Kids?

Undecided. I love kids. Raising Lu was probably the my favorite thing I've ever done. But it's not all a carnival, of course. Depending on the preferences of who else was in on the decision, I think I would probably go for it, take the Catholic approach but not go nuts w/ science & test tubes if it didn't happen. After all, hopefully someday I will be a grandmother and I hear that's more fun anyhow.


As this whole exercise has made clear, a friendship with a a think-ative gentleman would be nice.....Less reading, more play....


Other than that, I really don't have a lot of ambition or unmet needs or discontent so this isn't a big long section. More subjects will be added later if they occur to me.......

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