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Basic Stats:

Eyes/Hair: Various. Hair Choices:Brown/Blond/BrightRed
Eyes:Brown,Blue.Green available w/advance notice. OEM: Brown/Brown. One gray hair underneath it all so far (see photos)

Birthday:   01/06/1962   

Progeny:  1 swf  23-year-old, currently mid-launch...this fact probably accounts for my creation of this page...I'm bored, and don't like doing things  alone....

Lindsay, aka Lulu, at Age 21
My Artist, Friend, and Daughter

LAURA,  continued....
Religious: Protestant Christian of gentle persuasion.

Height: Short/can wear High Heels on request

Weight: Fluctuates w/Mood: Usually "Average".Sometimes "Athletic". Sometimes a "few pounds too many" (see photos)

Other: I am without guile. Write & ask. I will tell the most random strangers deep family secrets with little or no provocation. Though I know that intellectually truth does NOT always justify its own existence, as a practical matter, I stll behave as though it does.

New Year's Eve 2005: Getting Ready for 2006
Getting ready to go to Steak & Ale with Lulu -please overlook my hair is still wet and no makeup


What's New?


Actually, NOTHING! 
I SOMETIMES post a contemplative blog here, but not often.
I  have rarely updated this site  (except for webcam pictures) since  its initial completion in Fall 2001. Still, I occasionally correct egregious errors, such as my age, in a fit of the exactitude for which  accountants are known. And, I have to admit, even after all this time, there are actually no serious misstatements in the basic philosopy, etc , uh-oh...does this mean I'm  getting old?