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Lu and Friends Page
Lulu & Cortney

Graduation Party 2001
Who needs brains when you have a diploma?


Lu & Posse @ Rockfest '97
Can you find us? Hi Mom!

Graduation Party 1987

Edgefest 2000

Hamster Dance!
As performed by Aaron & Shawn...

Lu & Whitney
Longtime Pal Strawberry Shortcake
..she always smells good...


This is for Michael...I heard you wanted to see it
Now you KNOW I love ya, cause Lu would never have let me add this
An unexpected saviour...
his nickname is "Oxygen"

                   everyone else said...
                     "I'll  love you if..."
                           and he
                         just said... 

Lu & Michael
Come what may....

Lindsay, a.k.a. LuLu, is my wonderful, talented daughter.   One of the recent bright spots in my life is that she has been lucky enough to find the kind of fairy-tale love most of us spend a lifetime waiting for, never find, and go to our graves wondering if Hollywood and Harlequin made it all up. Because she is the best thing in my life, her joy is my joy, and her love is my love, and the soulmate who has completed her is Michael. He's kind of shy, but very sweet once you get to know him,  knows a killer steak recipe I am  trying to weasel out of him, and has a pet cat (so it MUST be love for Lu!) He is an Everquest combination billionaire-messiah, who can still put the joystick down for real-world time without withdrawal symptoms. At times, he is way too sensitive to be able to survive in this world, but he has and that speaks well of his fortitude. Not to mention,  he's  cute as a bug, not a thug who does drugs, hot as a mug, and, per Lu, gives the best hugs. Seeing Lulu and Michael together is a soulful and tender experience that has moved ex-boyfriends to acceptance, ex-girlfriends to acknowledgement, and the rest of us to wistfulness. If the good Lord gives with one hand and takes away with another, Lu has experienced both extremes this past year and came out with an understanding that allows her to transcend her grief and move forward with faith, hope and love. Art?? Soccer?? My god, I thought no-one would be able to move her past her negative associations in these areas and help her to revisit her joy in her skill at them.  But this man has. Tink was right: you just have to believe and you can fly.    

I was a fortunate guest at his grilling debut...

Style & Flava....

Michael's Pet Fish
I'm very resourceful...Oreos, anyone?

All boy, he like to climb trees....

But has an appreciation for Art
They found this great Ganash statue abandoned at the lake

They adopted Ganash and took him home because
One can never have too many gods....


Scene Enough for bling...

krunk as a redhead
fo' schizzle

WordFun Make a meaninful statement from the following words:   


Lulu has a streak of kindness, compassion and social conscience that I wouldn’t have wished on her,  but recognize and admire.  Compassion can be a flaw, and  we both love, give, share and accept on a personal platform somewhat akin to socialism, but without the self-serving attributes that usually undermine it in real-world application. She's not afraid to take risks, not afraid to learn, not afraid to love. She has way more self-confidence than I EVER had. Has a edgy and totally topical 360-degree sense of humor that even virtual strangers have noticed since she got over her bossy stage at about age 9. She is a talented dancer, an introspective artist and a lot of fun at Denny's or Walmart at 3:00 in the morning.    


She works at the mall, where she has a full time job as a key” (read: asst. manager) that she’s had  for several years….due to her flair and affinity for cutting-edge fashion, she was recently headhunted by Hot Topic, but after due consideration, she declined based on the real  life quality factors of pay,  hours, and relationships, despite the caveat that she would have been far better served by the employee discount.  I’m proud of her, her work ethics, her intelligence, her sense of responsibility and natural attributes of leadership, organization and management qualities that have always helped her meet and exceed  any goal she set for herself. My only regret is that this semester, for the first time, she is not taking any college courses. I would like to see her discover and pursue a heartfelt interest in a career that she loves. And, retail would be ok, if she wanted it as a career, but she says she doesn't. I've always felt parents had an obligation to equip their kids for life, and that include training for a career, and   I am anxious for her to  find a professional niche she would be happy to spend her life filling. I know, I know, she has the more elemental ingredient to eternal happiness, that being love. Love can live happily forever on peanut butter and bologna. But I would like her to live happily ever after on caviar and champagne, with love. It’s a mom thing.


Lu is the kind of person who attracts love and friendship from all walks of life,  and she is fiercely  loyal. The people in the pictures here were all extremely important to her at various stages in her life. Many of these relationships have fallen by the wayside as a natural result of developing different interests and desires as they grew up. But we sure enjoyed their passing through our lives when they did. 


Shawn is her longest, most enduring friend. A talented writer, guitar player, and computer genius who combines intuitive AND professional knowledge on his curriculum vitae, he  is woefully, but steadily, underemployed.  Those who are lucky  enough to know him can always sweet-talk  him into casting his magic spells on misbehaving computers due to a combination of his love of computers and his helpful nature. For computers, call  1-800-Shawn. And if you know of a job opening in  the industry, for gosh sakes, refer him.


He also happens to be Lu's most recent ex-boyfriend. He knows way more about her than I do; after all, he’s seen her drunk! But seriously, in this friendship-relationship-friendship, she has needed him so much for so many things over the years. His  attributes of  compassion, acceptance, support and  genuine desire for Lulu’s happiness demonstrate a rare grasp of the finer nuances of friendship, loyalty and love. Any time, any distance, till-I-run-out-if-gas-and-can’t-rob-a-bank, he’s been there for her. For this, I love him and consider him part of my family forever. If things were not always what he wanted, his ability to set that aside and take the high road is uncommon and admirable. I hope Lulu always recognizes, appreciates and reciprocates this gift of friendship she is freely given.


Shawn the Good,
who has been knighted in the Kingdom of Lulu:





Aaron was her first boyfriend, when she was 17. This was the first relationship for both of them, and they really did have a close and caring relationship for quite awhile. But; at 17;  so much growth and so many changes are inevitable in the immediate future, that there was very little chance of  it enduring the constant  barrage  of  choices, problems, interests and goals one confronts during those formative years. Still, he was a smart, sweet guy that added a lot of good memories and positive experiences that have contributed to what Lulu is today. 


Where it all started:  Never regret anything that helped make you what you are today...


Lindsay, a.k.a. LuLu, is my 18 yr old daughter and Aaron is her longtime bf.  If  I could have gone to Kidmart 18 years ago and personally picked out a daughter and son to share my life, these two would be them. Good kids, fun kids, polite kids, smart kids.






.....Lu has had lots of girlfriends too, over the years, as you can see below. Sometimes it’s gotta be girls night out! ….Good times, good friends.



Putt Puttees
Dawn, Grinnin' Lu, Shawn Juan & Wade


Leg Biting..

At 16, wheels & pals is all you need...
Omar, Lu, Cort & (prob) James


If I had gone to Kidmart 22 years ago and picked out kids I wanted to share my life with, these would be them.  They’ve just all, in the balance, good, smart, happy, funny kids.  They let me tag along with them to the movies sometimes and they praise my cooking. 




Hi Ronnie, Hi Jennifer, Hi Jenny, Hi Shawn, Hi Jill, Hi Heather, Hi Vepra, Hi Whitney, Hi Aaron, Hi Courtney, Hi Joanie, Hi Omar, Hi Katie,  Hi Jessie, Hi Dawn, Hi Lindsay, Hi, Maggie, Hi Michael!  ! Love ya’ll!  Wear your seatbelts!




Lu & Ronnie

Lu, Becky & Rosie









Nice Palm Trees, Bosh!






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