Laura McCoskey, CPA
Professional Credentials
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Accounting Experience & Credentials:


Bachelor of Arts - 1988 University of Texas at Dallas
30 hours of Accounting. Cumulative GPA 3.4 Member of Phi Theta Kappa honor fraternity, Dean's List, Honor Roll
Passed all four parts of the CPA Exam on first attempt, May 1987
At least 40 hours of Continuing Professional Education each year


1993-95 Board of Directors - Texas Society of CPAs
1991-93 Board of Directors - Dallas Chapter/TSCPAs
1991/92 "Outstanding Chairman Award" - Dallas Chapter/TSCPA
Chaired and served on numerous committees for Dallas Chapter and TSCPA
Dallas Chapter/TSCPA softball team


1994 - Treasurer, Episcopal Church of the Epiphany, Richardson, TX
Volunteered for numerous organizations through the Volunteer Center, Business Volunteer Council and the Dallas Chapter/TSCPA

I am:

A complete turn-key controller, responsible for the accurate and timely completion of all accounting, treasury, finance, audit and tax processes as well as special projects and custom-tailored problem-solving solutions able to utilize advanced budget and Excel reporting for systems process and analysis.

A self -starter entirely responsible for tracking, processing and prioritizing a large, complex work load in order to consistently meet multiple deadlines, goals and shifting managerial objectives in the most efficient manner.

A flexible team leader who values group efforts above personal credit; equally able to lead or follow, and a realist, who recognizes that all situations are subject to the different conditions, synergies and expectations brought to the task by the participants; and adapts accordingly.

A team player, who is accustomed to being subordinate to corporate or managerial goals outside of my usual responsibilities; and a fast learner able and willing to take directions, follow orders and/or contribute all energies and efforts towards meeting the organization's goals with all the intelligence, talent and time I have to offer.

Creative by nature, with innate critical thinking skills and problem solving abilities to analyze, fine tune and improve processes encountered in my work-flow, and a pragmatist, who acknowledges that that not all perceived solutions are cost or time efficient in the final analysis.

At the ideal point in my professional life where outside commitments, distractions and responsibilities are minimal and the resultant energy, ambition and commitment to career is high.

An educated, experienced, and enthusiastic professional who brings more than 25 years of relevant experience and its immediate benefits to the Company, and seeks the satisfaction and accomplishment of contributing real value to the bottom line of an organization.

An intuitive financial analyst, able to utilize Excel pivot charts, budget graphing and variance analysis to illustrate accounting performance and expected trends & outcomes to non-accountants in brief, comprehensible and meaningful reports.

An experienced financial forecaster, who can extract, extrapolate, document and produce relevant reports in laymen terms to explore and predict the effects of various business decisions, sales volume and pricing alternatives, and performance fluctuations while providing real-life solutions and interpolated answers based on desired outcomes.

Laura McCoskey, CPA
741 Brentwood Lane
Richardson, TX 75080

Areas of Expertise

My expertise in the areas of Controllership, Financial Analysis & Reporting; Tax Preparation/ Planning; and Auditing all involve working with the same set of the Company's financial results, but they all have very different goals and outcomes:

Controllership involves assuring the daily, weekly and monthly completeness, correctness, and timeliness of the all accounting records and reporting, from start to finish, under current and applicable statutes and industry standards.

Financial Analysis and Reporting analyzes the resulting data using techniques such as break even point, trend analysis budgeting and historical variances to measure performance on several levels in order to recognize trends, identify problems and forecast results, and to design proactive accounting solutions to correct problems, meet goals and achieve desired results.

The goal of Tax Preparation & Planning is to minimize an entity's tax liability through expertise in current tax law, utilizing many different and acceptable techniques that produce results that significantly differ from the more realistic and meaningful financial reporting results, since the tax law caters to specific, yet constantly shifting, social agendas and industry loopholes. A tax-savvy accountant on staff saves money by applying valuable tax planning concepts to financial operations and decisions year-round, by eliminating guesswork for quarterly estimate payments and by streamlining or eliminating the need for outside tax preparation.

Auditing is a body of testing procedures developed to provide assurance on a Company's reported results by verifying that they are presented accurately under applicable accounting standards. Assuring a Company’s operational results under the relevant reporting procedures, whether GAAP (generally accepted accounting principles) or OCBOA (other comprehensive basis of accounting) allows meaningful comparisons and measurements of operating results based upon a standardized set of reporting rules. Auditors are also often instrumental in establishing accounting procedures, assuring compliance, and identifying & eliminating the potential for errors and fraud. An experienced auditor on staff can isolate internal control problems, design effective, professional in-house accounting policies, minimize the potential for fraud or errors, and streamline the external audit process, while providing expert knowledge on the proper treatment of accounting issues year-round without the need for outside interpretation.

A CPA such as myself, with extensive experience and current working knowledge of all four interdisciplinary bodies of expertise is a true asset to their employer due to the economics of utilizing their knowledge in the many interdependent areas of Accounting.